Becoming a Franchise Owner

Steps to business ownership with Allied Health Group

Steps to Ownership

We welcome your interest in the Allied Health Group Franchise business. Please see below the main steps (1 to 4) in our Franchisee application and recruitment process. The entire process can be completed in as little as 45 days, but generally takes 90+ days from initial application through to being ready to open your business.

Once you have contacted us and completed our application form, if approved, the following four steps will take place:

Discovery Day Meeting

Meet the Franchisor and receive in-depth information from all the key members of the team.

Due Diligence

Parties assess the documentation and the opportunity.

Formal Agreement

A written agreement will be finalised and signed.

Training and Onboarding

Comprehensive training on all aspects of the franchise.

What is a Discovery Day?

Once you have made contact with us and we have provided you with more detailed information about the franchise business opportunity we will ask that you complete our Franchisee application.

If your application is conditionally approved, we will invite you to undertake a Discovery Day meeting with the Allied Health Group Australia team. The Discovery Day meeting is normally conducted face-to-face but can also be online via Video Conferencing technology and is an opportunity to meet the Allied Health Group Australia team (the Franchisor) and learn as much as possible about the franchise system.

Once successfully completing the Allied Health Group Discovery Day meeting and if both parties feel this opportunity is the right fit, then it's time to start your Due Diligence.

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Franchise Disclosure Document

The Franchise Disclosure Document provides more in-depth information on the Allied Health Group Franchise including the Franchisor ownership, business history, franchise network details, along with details around indicative establishment and ongoing operating costs, fees and charges.

Connecting with other Franchise Owners

No one can give you a better understanding of the Allied Health Group Franchise than our current Franchise Owners who live and breathe the business every day. As we get further into the application process, we’ll provide you with a list of offices, including those close to you and some who share similar profiles.

Our Franchise Owners tend to be very welcoming to prospective Owners, very thorough and transparent with the information they provide. They know what it’s like to be in your shoes. They are also invested in growing the franchise, and they care about whether candidates understand the brand, and our mission. You can expect honest insights about the pros and cons of community care ownership.

Onboarding & Training

Once you have completed due diligence and decided to proceed, it’s time to sign the territory Franchise Agreement and commence training.

From this point, you will be working closely with the Allied Health Group Australia Management team who will help you step-by-step with all key aspects and systems of operating a Allied Health Group Franchise.

We want you to benefit from our experience and knowledge. You will be learning from the cumulative knowledge of many who went before you, plus the various successes, and just as importantly, some mistakes, so take great advantage of this process.

Finalising your Business Development Plan

During the training and on-boarding process you will be supported to finalise your territory Business and Development Plan. The Business Plan will ultimately form the initial road map or basis of the strategic activities you will undertake to establish, grow and manage your franchise business.

First steps to providing services

We will ask you to search for a suitable office location from where you will establish the Allied Health Group Franchise.

Allied Health Group Australia representatives will provide you with feedback on the pros and cons of any potential locations.

Time to get started

Once you have successfully undertaken the above activities, it's time to get started.

We understand the first months, or even years, of starting a new business are the most daunting and potentially challenging period of time for any new business. As such, Allied Health Group Australia will be on hand to help guide and support you and to answer any questions. We provide our Franchise Owners with ongoing support to assist your transition into business ownership

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