Answers to the most common questions we receive from prospective Franchisees

Below are some of the more Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) people ask when considering a Allied Health Group business, for more information please contact us

The royalty is a fixed 1% plus GST of the gross revenue.

We look for franchisees that have health sector experience and share our commitment to opening strong and professional community care businesses. We also look for people that are currently or are willing to embrace our industry and will be active in driving business growth and compliance. Strong candidates should be able to meet our financial requirements and have a general history of achievement and successes.

The typical up-front investment to open a Allied Health Group franchise is in the order of $0 - $130,000, which includes the Initial Franchise Fee, Launch Promotional Investment and Business and Office Establishment within the franchise territory.

You can sell the business at any time during the initial term or subsequent renewal periods of the agreement. However, the business must be sold to an operator that is approved by Allied Health Group Australia and the new owners must agree to the conditions of the then current Franchise Agreement.

It is important franchisees have sufficient funds to cover office set up, operating costs and sales and business development activities until such time as they have grown revenue to a satisfactory level to support their ongoing business operations. In some cases franchises reach financial breakeven relatively quickly, although in other cases this can take much longer. Many factors impact on the time it takes a new business to grow and build up its customer base. We generally see Allied Health Group franchisees entering the system with working capital to fund business activities for a period of approximately 1-2 years from commencement, circa $80,000 – $8,000 + GST, however advice should be sought from your accountant and or business advisors regarding the amount of working capital you will require, as this will vary based on multiple factors including office rental, trading terms, debtor control, wages, revenue growth, expenses, ability to attract customers and a franchisees own personnel requirements.

When you begin your business, your role will include promoting and marketing Allied Health Group services in your territory, recruiting staff and administrative work. Unless you are an experienced in service delivery and services coordination we strongly recommend that you recruit persons with industry specific experience. As your business grows and you hire more staff your role will mainly be one of leadership, business development, workforce management, compliance and financial control.

Yes, a contribution of % plus GST of gross revenue is payable to the national marketing fund. These funds are used to build the Allied Health Group brand, initiatives and collateral to compliment the promotion and advertising our franchise owners carry out within their respective territories.

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