About us

We are one of Australia’s most innovative, providers of aged care and disability support professionals

Allied Health Group

A niche employment organisation specialised in Disability and Aged Care. Established in 2022, we hit the ground running with our direct approach to success. Recruitment, employment, project management, finance, conflict resolution, industrial relations, resettlement, we offer our clients the full package.

We are building the future of Disability and Aged Health Care. We look forward to meeting you and your team and helping you define your goals, develop solutions - and realize them! See you at at the beach,

Meet Our Team

David | Patriarch & Mentor

David is a leader in the industry. His experience is world class and he has a passion for people development and organisational efficiency He developed a passion for regional Australia and is an avid sportsman as well.
David is the public face of Allied Health Group and as the architect of human relations he believes; communication is the problem, communication is the solution

Brooke | Director HR & Chair

Brooke is someone who wishes to be successful in every aspects of her life. She always puts herself in the individual's position and proposes a solution or package that best suite them in their environment & budgets.
As our HR Health Care Professional, she is committed to her mission and will do her utmost best for all project assigned to her. She is a great worker (rather than a great talker) and that suits us perfectly.

Dimple, Maggie, Nhu, Paula & Sharon | Our quiet achievers

Dimple, Maggie, Nhu, Paula & Sharon are ladies of few words. They just gets things done in a thorough compliant matter. That's what we want and what we do. No embellishment just outcomes.Just don't pinch them away from us!

Henk | The Hoover

Henk has solved many a problem in a very low key, soft spoken efficient manner. His approach to the (legal) world is novel, very cost effective and extremely effective. He loves people albeit doesn't tolerate fools lightely. In his spare time, he loves the water and spends time with his loved ones.